This website acupuncturemanual.com , was created as a place for me to spill out information that I’ve studied in class. It is a way for me to organized my mind and study class materials through applications. This application technique is unique to me as I have a deep love for internet marketing; and being able to create a website for my career path and help others is something that I value. And that is the best thing that I want to bring to the table to those who visit my website. I want to provide “VALUE”.

Hello, my name is Justin. At the time of creating this about me page (4:30 AM - the hour at which my Lung (the metal element) is most active; I am studying for an exam that is coming this week.  I realized that i didn’t have an about me page for this website. So I decided to give a brief introduction to who I am and why this website came about. So today is February 25, 2018 and this is my first semester into the study of oriental medicine.  i am still building the foundational knowledge for the rest of my career. And as I go through this journey, I like to share with you what I’ve learned in hoping that you have a better appreciation for the field of acupuncture and make a more informed decisions when it comes to getting treatment (allopathic medicine vs Oriental Medicine).

I believe with deep sincerity that almost everyone has the ability to heal given the proper guidance, treatment, and lifestyle changes. It is my goal for the longterm to help you access that healing power from within.

I don’t have much to write for the about me page at this point in time; but as time progress, I’ll update this page as I see fit.

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