Comparison between western and eastern medicine

So I wanted to take this article to do a quick comparison between western and eastern medicine. I am doing this comparison based on the things that I was able to observed from being educated and experienced in both field.

I like to do this in a bullet form:

Western Medicine:

  • Linear
  • Reduction into smaller parts
  • isolation to simplest element
  • structure
  • precise description and meanings
  • clear/rigid/restricted

Eastern Medicine

  • Circular
  • Synthesis into larger patterns
  • Relationship between elements
  • Function
  • Description / meaning is context dependent
  • vague/flexible/open

The Commander - Wood

So I had a presentation to do today in my fundamental and theory class for acupuncture. My topic for this first presentation is on the in-depth analysis of myself using the TCM Five Element Theory. I utilized the Myer Brigg’s personality test to serve as the comparison baseline for this study. I found a comparable exam/survey to the Myer’s Briggs version of personality test. The questionnaire came from The Five Elements of Self Healing by Jason Elias. From the example, i found out that I had the highest affinity in regard to personality and behavior toward Wood, Fire, and Earth. With wood being the predominant personality as the conclusion.

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